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What Is Sport Betting Insurance?

Bookmakers offer a variety of betting options that gamblers need to make sure that they spend a blowout betting on their favourite sports ensuring that they remain loyal to them and bring in new clients. Though clients using cryptocurrencies are not offered sport betting insurance, bet insurance offers players a chance to go at it again.

In sport betting insurance, a gambler is allowed to insure their bets either fully or partially. This is achieved by a player giving more money before placing the bet and winning less than you could have without the insurance but should you lose, you will get back the money you bet and only lose the amount of the insurance.

How does sport insurance work?

Betting is a game of chance, so losses gained during bets can be curbed by bet insurance. The insurance is paid for a service and the cost is subject to the odds of the event to be insured. Game strategies allow for pre match bets with team information, such as injury of a key player, playing a major role in the decision to place bets.

Sport betting insurance is mainly offered for; accumulator (multiple) bets or single bets, 90+ minute goal insurance, wherein an accumulator bet you place a bet on four or more selections that are all combined into one bet and a single bet is where you place a bet on a single outcome of an event, faller insurance (in case your horse falls at a fence or is brought down by another horse) among others.

Bookers that offer insurance provide rules and regulations that should be followed before the placement of the bet:

  • Sports betting insurance can only be placed on either single or accumulator bets.
  • Bet insurance is not applicable for players using cryptocurrencies.
  • The insurance amount can either be 100% or less.
  • Insurance can either be for full or partial bets.
  • You are allowed to place more than one bet insurance on one bet.
  • You can not place bet insurance on bets placed with bonus money. 

For betting enthusiasts, the aim is to entertain yourself, feel the satisfaction of making an accurate prediction, and make money by maximizing your chances of winning while minimizing your chances of losing. With no sure way of predicting sporting results, every wager placed on an outcome has the risk of not panning out as predicted. This is where sports betting comes in, to shield you from huge losses.

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